Interview with Àngel Pujolasos, CEO of Pujolasos Wood&Pack: “If you want your product to stand out from competitors, work on packaging”

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Pujolasos brand has a bigger presence in our life than what we believe. Their caps for cosmetics and beauty, made of high-quality wood, have earned a privileged place in the market. Among their clients there are brands such as Puig, Rituals, Diageo, Oriflame, LVMH and a long etcetera. Àngel Pujolasos explains in this interview which are the medium-term challenges packaging will face and he is certain that, thanks to current wood suppliers –he has a strict quality policy in this regard-, the market will be able to grow with new and attractive proposals for the following years.

How has the packaging sector changed over recent years, Àngel?

As in many other sectors, it is clear that there is a before and an after the digital era. But, in our case, I think it has strenghened us, as in a highly competitive environment brands must fight to gain visibility and to become more attractive, and packaging is a powerful communication tool. Furthermore, e-commerce has boosted purchases and shipments, and those also need a seducing wrapping. On the other hand, there is increasingly more specialization and we are a good example of that: we mainly manufacture wood caps for cosmetics and beauty sectors. Of course we do other kinds of products, but our specialization is clear.

How does wood contribute as basic element to your offer?

Wood is a fine material which creates an emotional link with nature and which adds value to our products. It is an unconscious process: our brain links wood to whats authentic, to quality. And this is why we often decide to buy a perfume or a beauty product having a wood cap: it simply makes us feel good, it seems more authentic and genuine. In our case, in addition, we try for this wood to have the perfect finishes to create sensations. This is our current challenge of excellence.

How important is packaging for the marketing of a product?

It is a key element, of course. Even decisive, I would say. Our buying decisions are commonly based on imperceptible aspects. And the appearence a particular product has is absolutely essential. If you want your product to stand out from competitors, work on packaging.

As you said, Pujolasos wood & pack works for a very specific sector: wood caps for cosmetics and luxury beauty. What are the short-term challenges in this sector?

On the one hand, constant innovation. People want to see new things. You can’t stay on top if you don’t reinvent yourself constantly. On the other hand, and from the point of view of our particular sector, the management of quality sources is a key challenge. There was a time when there were very few quality suppliers to offer the best service at a competitive cost. Luckily, this has changed as there are more suppliers and they offer a higher quality, and the company only works with the best wood suppliers –and with their corresponding exclusivity, because of the high demand-. This enables us to offer really competitive products and, at the same time, to innovate with the speed and agility the market requires.

Speaking about innovation, you have your own R+D department. What can it offer in such an specific market as yours?

Yes, we have our own R+D department because we understand the client wants a renewal of ideas and concepts. And this recquires people who analyze, observe and experiments. From Pujolasos’ management team we also try to offer this need for permanent change, this continuous reinvention.

You have been present in several sector fairs like Luxepack, in Monaco or New York, and PCD in Paris. What are your conclusions after having participated in these events?

Big international sectoral events are very important to us for two reasons: on the one hand, it is a luxurious platform where we can show our products to the world. On the other hand, it is also a trend showcase that enables us to observe what’s coming in the following years.



Aureli VázquezInterview with Àngel Pujolasos, CEO of Pujolasos Wood&Pack: “If you want your product to stand out from competitors, work on packaging”

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